On the lower part of the property, we have a beautiful open sided studio overlooking the jungle. Spacious and full of light, 10 m x 8 m, with a high beamed ceiling and a sprung hardwood floor, perfect for yoga or meditation, classes of any kind, performances, dancing or plays.


It is completely open on all 4 sides, but with full bamboo waterproof backed blinds that can be lowered in case of rain or inclement weather. 


Mood lighting or full spotlights available. There are silent and effective ceiling fans, and ceiling level mounted speakers for higher volume sound.


As part of the yoga hall rental we include:


  • Yoga mats, straps, blankets and blocks.

  • Floor pillows, many of them with pyramid backs and very comfortable for classroom situations.

  • 20 low wooden desks, custom made to be used with the floor cushions and perfect for computer work.

  • We have a few standard sized folding wooden desks and chairs, and about  20 very comfortable metal/plastic rattan chairs. 

  • Whiteboard and pens.

  • Projector screen.

  • Purified Drinking Water Dispensers.

  • Electric Water Dispensers for Hot Drinks.

  • There are 15 International power sockets in the building.

  • Unisex bathroom exactly adjacent to the Hall, for its exclusive use.

  • Lockable storage area conveniently close to the hall.

  • 6 Hammocks and several other lovely seating and relaxing areas in the immediate area.

  • Fire-pit next to the hall.

  • Secure dry room, with infra-red lights and a dehumidifier, for the storage of all weather sensitive equipment.

  • We have several long trestle tables that can be set up in Yamuna, should a group require a more communal dining experience. 


An LCD projector can be acquired for a rental fee of around $40 USD a day, or you are welcome to bring your own.


We can provide tea, coffee, and coconuts for an additional cost per person.


Laksmi is available at an hourly or daily rate. Unless booked longer term, rental periods are by calendar day, NOT by the 24 hour period.


  • $100 per day, residential group rate, 10% discount on the weekly rate, 20% discounted monthly rate.

  • $15 per hour, for a minimum of 3 consecutive hours,  for non-residential groups only. 

  • A refundable security deposit of $200 is required prior to renting Laksmi, and any damage or loss of equipment will be deducted from this deposit. Our manager and the group leader will do an inventory together prior to any and all rental periods.


In order not to disturb our guests, loud music or any activities with a high sound volume cannot be accommodated unless the property as a whole is being rented.


We  have a few older mats that we will be happy to lend at no charge to individual guests wishing to practice yoga in their own rooms.