Weddings & Vow Renewals


Wedding Photographs by Marion Le Roux

We rented Rahasia Manis for our wedding celebration and we couldn't imagine a better place for our three-day wedding. The space provided everything we needed - places for relaxation, dining and celebration, as well as tours and activities for the guests. And of course, the whole property is incredibly picturesque. The natural beauty and impeccable decor added a sense of rustic elegance to the entire occasion.


The property truly balances comfort with a feeling of being close to nature. Our friends and family continued to praise how beautiful the property is and how lovely all the staff are. The staff really went above and beyond to make our day special, and the management were well-organized and stayed on top of everything we had discussed. Despite everything else going on, the place was kept clean and there was always someone available to help if needed.


We feel so fortunate and thankful to have been able to celebrate our special day in such a wonderful setting and with such friendly people helping make it all possible. We would gladly return for a holiday to simply enjoy this lovely space again.

- Lee and Ivana, April, 2018

Dream Your Destination Wedding Event - We'll Make It Come True


The invitations have been sent out; your family and friends are making reservations and looking for the perfect gift. Now comes the hard part: planning your wedding or vow renewals and the events surrounding it. This is where we come in: at Rahasia Manis we are committed to making this part fun, and as stress-free as possible, and affordable. Bali is full of gifted creative souls; artists, musicians, massage therapists, dancers and chefs - and more. We hire only Indonesian Nationals, whose talents measure up to anything you would expect in the west, they just cost considerably less. Your dreams can become even more possible - or bigger.


From a simple ceremony to a lavish themed event, we have 17 years experience organising and facilitating various events and tours on Bali (and around the world) and we will be happy to make any and all arrangements for you, doing all the footwork and utilising our close relationships with local professionals and vendors. Alternatively, we can create a custom package whereby we take on only specific responsibilities and leave the rest to you. 



  • Designing your Wedding Invitations


  • Wedding Officiant/Celebrant

          Finding the right person to perform your ceremony


  • Acquiring all legal permits

          Assistance in the procurement of all legal permits and other requirements,                    both local and government


  • Hair & Make-up

          Skilled beauticians and hair stylists to create the looks you and your party                      desire


  • Photography & Videography

          Excellent local photographers who most capture your personal style


  • Flowers & Decorations

          From the simplest and natural to the most elaborate and elegant


  • Custom Dress-making


  • Extra Rentals

          What we don't already have, (or have enough of), we will find

         Tables and/or chairs , dishes, special equipment for children & babies: cots, car-            seats, high-chairs, etc. etc.


  • Catering & Dining 

          We will take care of all dining needs of your group; pre, during, and post the                  wedding itself

          Our staff is highly skilled in the preparation of traditional Balinese cuisine

          We cater to vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, omnivores, etc.

          We have access to the highest quality organic food on the island

          We do not permit outside use of our kitchen, but we have specialist chefs for                different requirements

          Arranging and picking up food from other restaurants

          Recommending restaurants and making reservations

          Wedding Cakes, etc.


  •  Beverages & Libations

          Self service bar

          Simple bar/waitress service

          Professional mixology service


  •  Entertainment

           Local gamelan

           Village children performing traditional dance

           Local adult traditional dancers

           Professional traditional dancers


           Local bands - there are many excellent ones, of all musical styles

           Your own favourite playlist playing through our speakers


  • Unique welcome gift bags for your guests


  • Transportation 

          Airport transfers

          Ubud shuttle service

          Restaurant drop-off and pick-up

          Day trips


  • Custom Tours & Activities 

         Shopping - clothes, fabrics, jewellery, handicrafts, designer boutiques, etc.

         Cooking classes

         Chocolate making

         Wood Carving

         Batik classes

         Making traditional offerings

         Traditional dance



         Bike tours

         Jeep tours

         Volcano treks

         Village tours

         Bird and butterfly tours

         Temple tours

         Bird Park

         Elephant Park

         Safari Park

         Botanical Gardens

         Volcano and lake tours.

         Natural hot springs

         Waterfall tours

         Traditional day and night market tours

         Coffee and spice farm tours

         Local artisan tours

         Art galleries and museums

         River rafting

         Beach trips

         Surfing lessons

         Snorkelling and scuba diving

         Private fishing trips

         Visits to the local Balian (traditional healers)


  • Spa Treatments 

          On-site Spa Facilities

          In room massage - we have portable tables (with face cradles)

  • Yoga Classes   


  •  Scooter Rentals

          For those with previous experience only

          International driver's licenses required


  • Bicycle Loans


  • Travel Plans


  • Post Wedding Trips         

          We can organise custom trips for members of your wedding party

          E.g: this exclusive tour that we run in Borobudur for our own workshops


  • Researching and locating any additional unexpected requirements


  • Bi-lingual team on call 24/7 to assist with any and all issues or emergencies




  • Accommodation

     Under ROOMS you can view our various accommodations.

     Rental of the entire property is required for wedding groups of more than 15 people.

     The lower part of the property and  hall can be rented separately for smaller groups,         with certain noise restrictions and a curfew of 10:00 pm, out of consideration for                 other guests​.

  • Room capacity 

      With all (double) beds shared at Rahasia Manis we can accommodate 33.

      With all beds as singles we can accommodate 25. 

      Our immediate neighbours at Hati Suci have space for an additional 18 people - 12, if        all beds are singles.

      For larger groups and any overflow, there are several other hotels of various price              ranges in the area, mostly within a 10-minute drive. 

  • Hall

      10 x 8 meter open-sided (with bamboo blinds in case of rain), hard-wood floor,                    suitable for the ceremony and/or dining, performances, etc. 


  • Pool-side Restaurant 

        Large enough for about 65 people. However, part of our restaurant is outside, so in            the case of rain there is less space. Guaranteed under cover, we can seat about 40.      

  • Our Invaluable Local Support System

      We are an integral part of the local village of Bayad and all of our employees, apart              from management, are from the immediate area. All of our drivers are also local. A            condition of hiring our property is the exclusive employment of these drivers.

      As previously stated, we hire only Indonesian nationals for all on-site services. This              policy stands whether you plan your own wedding or have us make all arrangements.        We thank you for understanding.​

If you are interested in getting married or renewing your vows at Rahasia Manis,

please contact us and we will send a detailed questionnaire.