On the lower part of the property, overlooking the river valley, are Sri and Kunti, our 2 massage spaces. Each has 2 stationary massage tables.


Kunti also has an area for manicures, pedicures, head and foot massages. It is an open-air rooftop, for treatments or private yoga/meditation sessions, with shade from many trees but no protection from rain.

Both massage areas are open air, but sturdy bamboo blinds provide privacy and  shelter from the elements. There is a shower and toilet exclusively for the use of our spa clients.

For those who prefer their treatments in the privacy of their own room. we have 2 portable tables with face cradles.

Please make appointments with our excellent local massage therapists directly through us.


All spa services are paid for at checkout. Tips may be given directly to your therapist, not obligatory, but appreciated.

Spa Massage Prices

1 hour - Rp 170K (approx $12 USD)

1 1/2 hour - Rp 255K ( approx $18 USD)  

In-Room Massages

1 hour - Rp 200K (approx $14 USD)

1 1/2 hour - Rp 300K ( approx $21 USD)

Spa facilities are for the use of our contract therapists only.


The rooftop space at Kunti is available for public use for yoga or meditation, if not being used for massage treatments by other guests. Please check with us for availability.

Our spa areas are “quiet zones” created for relaxation, we ask that there be no loud conversations, phone calls, or smoking in the immediate areas, including on Kunti rooftop.

Groups who have rented the entire property are of course not bound by these considerations that are so necessary for other guests!


For any groups renting the entire property, arrangements can be made to rent the massage spaces. Each separate massage area can be rented for $50 USD per day or $100 USD for both. Portable massage tables can be rented for $20 USD a day each. Rentals include sheets and their laundering. No hourly rates are offered.