We built Rahasia Manis from the ground up, between working rice fields and untouched jungle. As we encroached on these traditional abundant food supplies, we made a commitment to replace what we had taken away with alternative food sources.


Over the last two years, we have reduced our impact by planting extensive permaculture gardens and a large variety of fruit trees with the help of our good friend, the renowned permaculturist, Mark Garrett.


We are still a work in progress, and look forward to honing our skills while hosting more Permaculture Certification courses with Mark in the future.


Besides the vegetables and fruit that we use in our own kitchens, we are also growing as many flowers as possible, both for ceremonies and as food sources for our beehives.

Our bees are a small native variety (apis cerana), and not at all invasive or aggressive. We do not host them for their honey, (although we do get a little), but for the vital services they provide by pollinating most of the fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts that are essential to human diets, and supporting the health of countless ecosystems!


While our Bantam chickens do provide us with a few tiny eggs, their primary job is turning our kitchen scraps into fantastic compost. They are also a great source of amusement.

Our chickens live in spacious coops at the bottom of Indrani’s Garden, and do not roam the property freely.


Butterflies abound during the day, as they love our flowers. Fireflies take the night shift.


Guests are welcome to wander the property. Private houses and staff areas are gated and well marked, please respect them.


If you walk around the lower gardens, orchard, or down in the jungle itself, please be careful. We cull the coconut trees on the public pathways, but down below they are extremely tall, and the coconuts are large, heavy, and potentially deadly missiles when they fall. Please exercise extreme caution and do not walk directly under them.


We plan our meals around what's growing in the gardens, so we ask that guests do not pick fruit or vegetables for themselves. However, if a passionfruit lands in your personal little garden, you are welcome to it!

When we have extra produce, we offer it for sale, with all proceeds going straight into the tip box for our staff. Please ask, and we will let you know what's available.

Thank you for understanding!