There is a fully equipped staff kitchen on the property, separate from the other houses, for the use of our staff only. We have a paperless menu for Kafe Yamuna on tablets, and meals and beverages can be ordered throughout the day until 7 pm.


Workshop leaders may request meals be included in the price of their package, in which case we will prepare a meal plan, tailored especially to the needs of their particular group.


For organic, 100% free-range, chemical free, humanely raised and slaughtered animal products, we have reliable local resources. They provide us with eggs, chicken and other meats. 


We have our own permaculture vegetable gardens and many fruit trees. We plan and plant our gardens around our own restaurant requirements and scheduled events, and freeze and store our produce accordingly. We will let you know if we have any extra, and if we do we will be happy to make them available for a nominal fee which goes directly into the tips for our staff.

The kitchen, laundry, staff area is on the upper property, and is private and gated. It is exclusively for the use of employees, the staff will come and tend to anyone who knocks on the gate or calls out. 


We have a separate office where guests are always welcome to meet with the manager to discuss meals and any other issues pertaining to their stay.