Downloadable Kafe Yamuna Menu

We have our own on-site, pool-side restaurant, Kafe Yamuna, plus a roof-top open air dining space, Gangga. Our kitchen staff are skilled in both traditional Balinese and eclectic plant-based, vegan cuisine.


Authentic Balinese food is complex and time intensive to prepare, and therefore only a limited version of the culinary choices are generally found on offer to the public. Especially when we have groups, and preparing buffets, we are able to present a far wider array of its marvellous possibilities.


During the pandemic, our staff spent many months intensively learning to prepare vegan/plant-based food, mostly with produce from our own gardens.


For both individual guests and groups we have a trained and dedicated staff to provide a wide array of authentic, creative, and delicious dishes. 

We often have daily specials, dependent on the generosity of our gardens - plus some special treats. These can be seen on our blackboard in Yamuna.

Balinese food in itself is easily adaptable to any and all dietary requirements; be this vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, or inclusive of humanely-sourced, free-range and organic meats, and line-caught fish.


Alternative Dining


We are in a traditional rural area of Bali, however, there are some other wonderful restaurants, many within a 10 minute walk or drive from the property. We can arrange for transportation to off-site dining, or if you wish to dine in your room or on the property we can put in an order for you and arrange pick up and delivery. Food delivery incurs an additional charge on your food bill, depending on how far our staff have to travel. The cost of transportation for guests to and from off-site dining likewise depends on the location.


The closest restaurant options can be found on our Information PDF.


There are several local warungs, (traditional Balinese style eating places), some about a 10 or 20 minute walk away. These usually close by about 4 pm.

There are a few restaurants in Ubud that will deliver to where we are, but this usually works better with larger groups, as they generally have a minimum charge.


We do not include breakfast in our basic room prices, although breakfast can be ordered as an add-on option when booking on-line, (there is a set price menu with several choices). Guests also have the option of ordering breakfast from the restaurant menu, along with lunch and dinner. 

We work closely with organised groups to create a menu that fully caters to their particular needs. Meals are then normally served buffet style, and the price included in their package rate.


We also have several long trestle tables that can be set up in Kafe Yamuna for more communal dining, if preferred. Undercover we can seat around 40 people, and  including our open air areas we can accommodate about  65 people.


As with anywhere in Bali, the food in Kafe Yamuna is generally prepared to order, and takes time. Be sure to place your order an hour or more before you would like to eat. 


Except for when we have groups or events, all of our staff leave by 7:00 pm, so if you can have your order in by 6:00 pm it would be greatly appreciated.

We strive to be as ecologically aware as possible, and we are paper-free when it comes to our menu and general information. Both may be downloaded and saved for convenience. On the property itself we have the same information on tablets.