Rahasia Manis has quite literally grown out of the land it is built upon.  We started in the rice fields and jungle, and before breaking ground we had local priests perform the vital ceremonies asking permission of the gods and goddesses to build here.


We developed organically, one room at a time.  Most of our buildings were sourced from Java, of reclaimed teak or other hardwoods.  They were dismantled, brought to the property, then reconstructed and designed in keeping with the landscape, then adapted to provide more light, space, and modern amenities. No two houses are the same, each has its own distinct character and charm, and all have wonderful views, some of the rice fields and others of the jungle. 

The path to Rahasia Manis still winds its way through the rice fields. It is narrow and concrete and unpaved in parts, but we like it that way, not so dissimilar from the paths the Balinese have themselves navigated for eons. If you have trouble with mobility we will be happy to slowly escort you in and out. Farmers smile and say "Hello" and the ducks, muttering to themselves and busy at work, still ignore us. We continue to make daily offerings of gratitude and respect in the traditional Balinese way and to marvel at the beauty that surrounds us.

All houses have private bathrooms, all with showers, some with bathtubs also. Each house has international electrical sockets and a safe into which you put your own code.  Every house has its own refrigerator and some have fully equipped kitchens.


We do not have AC, we prefer to take advantage of the natural breezes, and all rooms have either ceiling or wall fans. Being considerably higher than Ubud and most other tourist locations in Bali, the temperature is cooler and there are far less  mosquitoes, although all beds do have nets.

There is a separate spa area for massages or other treatments such as reflexology or various beauty treatments. There is also the option of having these treatments in the privacy of your own room - we have portable massage tables (with face cradles).


There is a 10 x 8 meter, open-sided yoga studio with a hardwood sprung floor. This room is also perfect for any other classroom-type requirements and has 15 international electrical sockets.


There are several lovely spaces suitable for personal yoga and meditation practice, or small private classes.

If you aren't staying with us but would like to come and spend an afternoon relaxing and swimming in our pool and enjoying our restaurant, you are most welcome.


For RP120K you may swim to your heart's content and we will serve you a complimentary seasonal fruit juice and lend you a large beach towel.




Thanks to Jean Fogelberg, photography workshop instructor, for the use of her photography.

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Aerial photos by Petz Buidlmacher